John Fincannon – Coach


John is an award-winning player and coach, beginning with achieving All League status at Pioneer High School in San Jose, California.

In 1975, he was signed with the Chicago Cubs, and pitched Minor League for both the Cubs and the Phillies.

John has coached high school, collegiate, and professional players.  He has over 25 years of experience instructing all levels of athletes with an emphasis on baseball mechanics coupled with the mental discipline necessary to become an excellent ballplayer.

  • John has worked with the programs at West Valley College, San Jose State University, Stanford University and San Jose Giants.

His love of the game is evident in the passion he brings to his teaching, and has helped him to create strong players and to put together teams that win!  He is excited to bring his many years of experience to the Clutch family, and looks forward to sharing the love of the great American pastime with everyone here in Texas!

He is married, with three grown children, all of whom share his love of baseball!