Our mission is to provide young boys and girls of all ages the opportunity to learn and excel in the sport of baseball.  I seek to create an environment for the children that is fun, challenging, positive and supportive. I believe in the “Servant Leadership” model. This model is serving others while in a leadership role. The objective is to enhance and promote growth of individuals, increase teamwork and personal progress. My passion is to give each child an opportunity to bring their skills to the next level. The “next level” may look different for each individual. Ultimately, I am eager to pass on my knowledge and skill to any child looking to improve their game.

I fully expect to engage with parents about the progress of their child and for parents to enquire how they might help their child enhance his/her ability. I ask parents to allow me to do the teaching and guiding during the session. I would like to create an atmosphere where the child does not feel the pressure of expectations from their parent(s). I have seen many instances where a child does not learn or have fun because of these pressures. I have coached and played for many years, please allow me to set the expectations. It is the best thing for the child.

The reason I am a believer in the Servant Leadership model is because it is the cornerstone of my faith. To serve and love people in any capacity to glorify God. I will put forth great effort to help any child learn and play the game of baseball and help them reach their full potential.

-Rob Johnson –Owner of Clutch Athletics