In a time where positive examples are tough to come by, I am proud to be able to give my full support to Rob Johnson, and Clutch Athletics.  I have been fortunate to watch Rob prepare and compete at the highest level, but more importantly, I was able to watch Rob impact our clubhouse with his baseball knowledge and people skills.  Few people have the skill to play at the Major League level and even fewer can do this with a heart to make a difference in the people around them, like Rob did.   Baseball knowledge and instruction are easy things to find these days, but the depth of knowledge that Rob brings, as well as the clear vision of trying to develop the athlete in every aspect of their lives, makes Rob a very unusual find.  I would be thrilled to have my own kids work with Rob Johnson, and the Clutch Athletics organization, and I am confident you will be thrilled as well.

Mike Mathenyon Rob Johnson
I had the privilege of getting to know Rob when we were playing with the Seattle Mariners organization. In today’s game, it is hard to find a young man with the work ethic, desire, knowledge of the game, and humbleness that Rob had coming up through the minor leagues. Now as a major leaguer, he has the desire to want to continue to improve and become more knowledgeable in all aspects of the game. He has the opportunity to be around and learn from some of MLB’s best organizations and the best players in the game today. For him to want to pass along what he has learned to the youth of America, gives me hope that there will be more players to come with similar characteristics of Rob Johnson. The sky is the limit when it comes to how I feel about Rob when it comes to being an athlete, but I can’t put into words how much respect I have for him off of the field. A strong Christian, a great husband, and wonderful father, he is someone that kids can learn from and admire when it comes to being a great person on and off the field.
Willie Bloomquist - MLB Veteranon Rob Johnson
There are many things to consider when looking for the right person to positively influence your child. Obviously you want a person that has knowledge but there are other aspects of the game and life that are equally or arguably more important. Being one of the chosen few blessed with the abilities to play at the highest level proves Rob knows baseball, but after you speak with Rob and watch him with your son or daughter you will quickly know that he has much more to offer. Rob cares about the person and the player. He challenges the player to become more physically skilled but also challenges them to be mentally prepared on and off the field. How many athletes have we seen that possess all the skills in the world but lack character and purpose? Robs approach with his students provides a balance of skills, character and purpose because he lives his life that way and he knows that the complete person will always dig deeper and go further – He has been and will continue to be a positive influence in my son’s life on and off the field.
James Luton - Father of Landon - Lake Travis High School Baseball Playeron Rob Johnson
Being a catcher takes a special breed. Learning to catch correctly cannot be taken lightly and can only truly be taught by someone who has caught themselves and someone who has been in the trenches. 11 years ago I was lucky to run across catcher and player coach Rob Johnson. Being an athlete and the son of a coach myself, I understood the importance of finding a knowledgeable catching coach for my son who was 10 at the time. Rob turned out to not only be an outstanding coach that totally understood the nuances of catching and all of it’s demands, he also became one of the greatest role models my son would ever have. Rob coaches the steps and progressions of catching, he explains what is expected of a catcher and how to play the game and position “the right way.” I watched as he systematically coached and developed my son’s game step by step. And he showed him important tools and references that he could call on during his own practices and games. With Rob’s coaching and the skills he taught him, my son became the opening day varsity catcher for his 5A high school team as a freshman and went on to handle the duties as a freshman opening day catcher for Michael Wacha at Texas A&M. Rob Johnson not only is currently catching at the highest level of professional baseball, he has been a student of the art of catching and has been around and learned from the very best in the game. If your son is serious about becoming a catcher, and if he is serious about consistent learning, hard work, and practicing. Don’t wait, schedule a lesson today.
Gary Lankford - Father of Cole - Current Texas A&M Baseball Playeron Rob Johnson

I looked extensively for a speed, strength, and conditioning coach in the Austin area for my 13 year old grandson.  After checking with local high school coaches and college coaches, I was referred to Rob Johnson of Clutch Athletics.  Rob referred me to his strength and conditioning coach, Andy Karch.  I interviewed Andy and found he received his bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science at the University of Wisconsin and his Masters’s in Sport Management at the University of Florida where he was a graduate assistant in strength and conditioning.

I had observed Andy during his classes and have been very impressed with his attention to detail in proper weight lifting techniques and his training in agility, quickness, and speed. The progress has been measurable and impressive through his coaching.

After a great deal of searching on my part, I found a coach who makes a great difference in the overall training of young men who wish to excel. Andy Karch is a great communicator and teacher of nutrition and overall strength, speed, and conditioning.

Dr. Rick Parkeron Andy Karch

Rob, first and foremost is a selfless and humble man. As far as baseball goes he has played at the highest level, and has a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of the game. Being a major league catcher gives him a perspective from many different angles. He’s caught some of the games best pitchers and talked shop with some of the games great hitters. It’s hard to find someone with his resume willing to help young ball players. It doesn’t hurt that he’s an amazing human as well.

Matt Holliday - Left Fielder for the St. Louis Cardinalson Rob Johnson

Rob is an extremely dedicated, hard-working, and cerebral player. He understands that not all players do things the same way, yet also knows the common traits that all good hitters and players need. He is also the best defensive catcher I have played with in my career. From catching and throwing, to receiving, to blocking, and calling a game, Rob takes pride in his responsibility to handle a pitching staff. Most importantly, he is a better person than he is a baseball player. I am confident that your son or daughter will not only become a better player, but a better person after working with him.

Chase Headley - MLB Veteren with the San Diego Padreson Rob Johnson

Rob Johnson has had a major influence on my son’s baseball and life in general. I believe every kid needs a role model who will encourage them to work hard and make the right decisions. It is clear that Rob cares about kids and takes the extra time out of his busy schedule to help them succeed and achieve their goals. Rob’s love for the game and willingness to make a difference in someone’s life is the reason why Rob will always be successful. Rob’s honesty, integrity and compassion to help others goes without saying. Thanks Rob for all you have done for our son!

Jeff & Melony Coffman - Parents of Nick Coffman - Dripping Springs High School Baseball Playeron Rob Johnson

Rob Johnson has an incredible ability to teach strategies and concepts in a way high school players can understand. Rob has a presence of authority without being demeaning. My son has had a couple of catching and hitting lessons with Rob. One of his first questions after a session: ‘When is my next lesson?’.

Michelle Sorensen - Mother of Brett - Llano High School Baseball Playeron Rob Johnson