We can train you to get stronger, faster, and move better specifically for the sport in which you compete. Whether you need to jump higher in a volleyball game, change direction more quickly on the football field, or gain flexibility as a gymnast, we can help.

All clients begin with an assessment tailored to his/her sport and goals. Weight, height, body composition, functional balance assessment, and flexibility testing are completed for every individual and then further personalized from there. Initial programs are generally completed in four to six week blocks and focus on specific goals set for that individual. Each athlete is unique, and so his/her strength and conditioning program will be as well.

We also offer whole team training sessions if you are interested in keeping your players injury free during the season and maximizing their strength and speed gains during the off season.

If you are a parent or past the competitive athlete stage of your life we can still help you attain any personal goals you may have through any one of our services.

60 Minute Individual$85.00
30 Minute Individual$65.00
60 Minute Partner$55.00 / Person
30 Minute Partner$35.00 / Person
Small Group (3-10)$30-$40 / Person based on numbers of persons
Whole Team TrainingContact for Pricing
Workout Programming$15.00 / Week
Fitness Assesment$50.00
Nutrition PlansContact for Pricing